Having a Great Project Idea is a good start but…. 


“How do you attract

funding partners?”


Since the Global Financial Crisis, government budgets have tightened and the need for broadening investment partners in economic development initiatives has only grown stronger. We need to look to new and innovative ways to attract investment for projects that will help our communities grow and sustain their unique identity and lifestyle.


"By collaborating to make place a driver of productivity and prosperity, Australia can unlock enormous potential."

The Purpose of Place: Reconsidered | Building the Lucky Country #5 | Deloitte 2016


Collaborative Investment Platforms

With the development of internet based platforms, Crowdfunding has emerged as an innovative way to facilitate collaborative investment of great ideas. Until recently, this new financing innovation of “Collaborative Investment” has been on the periphery of mainstream commerce and public sector financing.  But, Collaborative Investment provides new options for the implementation of catalyst infrastructure projects.


Benefits of a New Investment Paradigm

The emergence of Collaborative Investment Platforms enable governments to expand investment partners in projects that have been traditionally fully financed by the public sector. It also taps the pent up desire of local communities to invest in their future from donation, micro funding, low return social investing and traditional commercial investment.

Collaborative Investment helps:

  • Local investors to invest locally
  • Broaden project investment partners
  • Increase local stakeholder support
  • Deliver catalyst projects stalled by funding shortfalls.

Regional Opportunity

Regions have a passion for the future of their local community and for a long time there have been few ways for passionate locals to invest in their communities. Collaborative Investment enables the development of business cases for critical catalyst infrastructure projects. Particularly those that support place-based economic development where government funds are limited and commercial markets deem these communities too risky for traditional financial investment. 

How to Get Started

The secret to tapping into collaborative funding is to develop projects that reflect local values with a business case that maximises engagement across the business, education, health and lifestyle sectors. These type of multi-dimensional catalyst projects maximise the potential collaborative investors.

Communities with local leaders that are “innovation ready” are best placed to secure the benefits of this new approach to facilitating local economic development and employment growth.

Collaborative Investment Management Australia (CIMA) is a unique collaboration between planners, designers, policy and program implementation experts and equity and social fundraisers with collectively, more than 40 years’ experience working in regional Australia. 

CIMA works with regional leaders to find project funding partners by turning their best ideas into attractive investment projects of Regional Significance. 

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